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We Recommend Windows for the APEXX


High power machine perfect for the following VFX programs:

v-ray key-shot nvidia-mental-ray maxwell-render arnold-render v-red
Basic Configuration
  • Intel® Xeon® 3.5GHz (6-cores)
  • 16GB DDR4-2133 REG ECC Memory
  • 240GB SSD
  • Microsoft Windows Professional 7
We Recommend Windows for the renderPRO 1


Configurable with a single Intel XEON processor with up to 22 cores (44 threads), the renderPRO 1 is the smallest rendering sidekick that enables you to render or simulate on the go without the cost or complexity of a render farm.

Expertly Engineered

renderPRO 1 is a complete computer powered by a single Intel® Xeon® processor (up to 22 cores, 44 threads) and up to 64GB of DDR4-2133 memory. We’ve stripped away the unnecessary features and boiled it down to what matters most: CPU core count. renderPRO 1 was designed for 24/7 maximum workload operation and to that end we’ve engineered a cooling system that ensures swift, reliable performance and operation, so quiet that you'll welcome it on your desk. The all-aluminum chassis was designed to sit directly atop our APEXX 1 and also allows it to be stacked several units high for a powerhouse, desk side, render farm solution.

We Recommend Windows.

Paired with Windows

All our models can be equipped with Windows 10 Professional operating systems, allowing you to enjoy the connected and expansive experience you would expect from Windows. Windows is familiar and easy to use, and easily compatible with all programs. It starts up and resumes fast and has more built-in security to help keep you safe. We recommend Windows.


renderPRO airflow

Purpose Built By Creative Professionals For Creative Professionals

At BOXX, we understand your workflow and the professional software you rely on, so we design solutions (from the ground up) to run those applications at peak performance. This delivers genuine results that keep you creating and not waiting. A renderPRO 1 portable render farm is the only desk side personal rendering and simulation solution, designed for offloading computationally intensive tasks. Keep your workstation free for creating without bogging down your CPU. When combined with an overclocked workstation like APEXX 1, your workflow will soar with maximum performance regardless of whether you’re bottlenecked by frequency or the number of cores.

Check out the overclocked workstation companion of renderPRO 1, the APEXX 1, and stack one on another for space-saving power.

stacked renderPRO and APEXX 1
renderPRO radiator

The BOXX Workflow

Take advantage of our unique hardware solution packages specifically designed to address the bottlenecks in your professional software applications. Watch the video (left) for in-depth examples and more information on how the BOXX Workflow will make you more productive.


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