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About BOXX Technologies

BOXX Technologies, Inc. manufactures workstations and rendering systems for VFX, animation, film & television, game development, architecture, engineering, product design, simulation, higher education, government & defence, science & medical, and general business industries. We specialize in configuring custom workstations that remove bottlenecks and accelerate workflows.

renderPRO systems, which deliver deidcated rendering resources

The renderPRO

The renderPRO - say hello to the ultimate dedicated rendering machine...

APEXX 2 Review - Desktop Engineering

What Customers Say

To the UK, we're brand spanking new, but to those who already know the benefits of BOXX Tech all over the globe, we're old friends...

Find out what makes our systems so good; watch The BOXX Workflow video

New Products

See for yourself our new range of products including the APEXX S3 and APEXX A1.

Skylake Processor

Latest review

Check out the latest review of our new APEXX S3 system in the December issue of Develop3D now!

We Build The World's Finest Custom Workstations

Our workstation computers are designed, built, and tested in the heart of Wales, UK. We take the time to benchmark and test our products, ensuring that you receive the reliability and performance you need. When buying with BOXX you'll know why our technical support is unmatched in the industry. Contact us for more information about configuring the ideal machine for your professional applications and workflow, be among the first to have a high performance BOXX machine in the UK, and put yourself amongst some of our most productive clients.



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