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About BOXX Technologies

BOXX Technologies, Inc. manufactures workstations and rendering systems for VFX, animation, film & television, game development, architecture, engineering, product design, simulation, higher education, government & defence, science & medical, and general business industries. We specialize in configuring custom workstations that remove bottlenecks and accelerate workflows.

renderPRO systems, which deliver deidcated rendering resources

The renderPRO

The renderPRO - say hello to the ultimate dedicated rendering machine...

APEXX 2 Review - Desktop Engineering

What Customers Say

To the UK, we're brand spanking new, but to those who already know the benefits of BOXX Tech all over the globe, we're old friends...

Find out what makes our systems so good; watch The BOXX Workflow video

The BOXX Workflow

See for yourself the real benefits of our unique hardware and find out how the BOXX Workflow can improve your productivity.

Skylake Processor

Kabylake Processors

Want the latest processors available? Configure yours now!

We Build The World's Finest Custom Workstations

Our workstation computers are designed, built, and tested in the heart of Wales, UK. We take the time to benchmark and test our products, ensuring that you receive the reliability and performance you need. When buying with BOXX you'll know why our technical support is unmatched in the industry. Contact us for more information about configuring the ideal machine for your professional applications and workflow, be among the first to have a high performance BOXX machine in the UK, and put yourself amongst some of our most productive clients.

BOXX Technologies Solutions

BOXX provides custom workstation solutions for the industries listed below. Select your industry for specific information on how a BOXX workstation can improve your workflow.

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Our custom workstations are engineered to accelerate your media & entertainment creation and rendering tasks. Get more information about our solutions for 3ds Max, Maya, V-Ray and other M & E applications.

Manufacturing & Product Design

Manufacturing & Product Design

Product design and manufacturing require extensive computing power to achieve stunning results that impress clients and prospects. Gain the edge with our custom computer workstations for SolidWorks, CATIA, KeyShot, and other applications.

Architecture & Engineering

Architecture & Engineering

Creating detailed architectural, engineering, and construction models are imperative for your business. Creating them fast enables your business to gain a competitive edge. Learn more about our PC workstation solutions for Architecture & Engineering.

Virtualisation & Remote Access

Virtualisation & Remote Access

Does your business require multiple user access to high performance workstations? If so, our XDI virtual workstation technology is built for you. Get more information about XDI.

BOXX Technologies Products

BOXX Technologies high performance workstation computers and rendering systems are available in multiple formats and configurations. For more information on our core product lines, select from the list below.

BOXX Work Stations


Our desktop workstations offer unparalleled performance. Available in single processor or multi-processor configurations, we can configure the ideal PC workstation for your needs.

Mobile Workstations

Custom Workstations

Custom workstations allow you to take high performance computing to the next level, creating your own unique PC. Our team will fully support you in your choices, to make sure the programs you work with the programs you use daily.

Rendering & Simulation

Rendering & Simulation

Our rendering & simulation systems enable you to render faster than you ever could with a workstation. These standalone rendering systems will accelerate your workflow significantly.

Virtualisation & Remote Access

Virtualisation & Remote Access

Available for up to 8 simultaneous users, our virtual workstation systems allow your team to get work done faster and build efficiencies.

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